How Do You Choose a Good Bluetooth Speaker System?


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To choose a good Bluetooth speaker system, evaluate your needs regarding sound quality, size, portability, ruggedness, price, power sources, Bluetooth range and ability to interface with non-Bluetooth sound sources. Find valuable information from consumer reports and brand reviews. Plan to spend at least a week synthesizing this information.

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How Do You Choose a Good Bluetooth Speaker System?
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  1. Ask yourself where you plan to use the speaker system

    Ask yourself where you plan to use the speaker system and how often you intend to move it. This information determines the best size, weight and ruggedness of your speakers. Lightweight, ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker systems fit easily into a backpack or briefcase. Some, however, lack the power and sound output of larger, more substantial systems.

  2. Consider possible sound sources

    Consider the available sound sources for your Bluetooth speaker system. In addition to wireless sources such as smartphones and computers, some systems also accept wired input from non-Bluetooth devices such as traditional CD players and radios.

  3. Choose a power source

    If you plan to use your Bluetooth speakers in outdoor locations without electricity, choose speakers with rechargeable batteries. The most versatile speaker systems have both wall outlet plugs and batteries.

  4. Think about sound quality

    Consider the type of sound quality you prefer, and ask yourself if you are willing to spend extra money for customizable sound options. For example, some models give users precise control over bass balance and reverberation, while others restrict users to pre-set audio profiles or lack these features altogether.

  5. Consider the price

    Keep your budget in mind. Bluetooth speaker systems vary in price, but the most expensive model is not always the best. Protect your pocketbook by examining the features of several models before you purchase one.

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