How Do You Check the Status of Your Social Security Account?

How Do You Check the Status of Your Social Security Account?

To check the status of a Social Security account, go to the Social Security Administration's website and sign up for a My Social Security account. My Social Security allows members to track earnings for the year, estimate future benefits, receive benefit information and communicate future changes.

To set up a Social Security account an applicant must be able to verify personal information such as a valid email address, Social Security number, mailing address and must be at least 18 years old.

When creating the account, Social Security verifies the identity of the applicant through Experian, a global financial, credit score and fraud prevention information company. Social Security makes a "soft inquiry" that will not impact a credit score.

To set up the account an individual username and strong password must be created. An additional option for extra security in addition to the username and password is to an a unique security code to the account.

Any time a request for status is made online or over the phone, Social Security will ask for information to verify identity. These are questions that only the holder of the account should know.

Once the account has been set up by using the information supplied to Social Security, applicants can go to My Social Security and check the status of their Social Security account.