How Do You Check Hard Disk Space?

How Do You Check Hard Disk Space?

To check the amount of space you have left on your hard drive, the process differs depending on whether you are running Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Windows 8 users can view hard disk space by clicking This PC from the desktop and viewing the hard drive information. For Windows 7 and Windows Vista users, open the Computer icon, and view the hard disk information.

  1. Determine what version of Windows you are running

    Click the Start menu, and then select Run. Type winver into the text box, and press Enter on your keyboard. The version of Windows appears.

  2. Open the Computer or This PC

    Navigate to the desktop of your computer if you are not already there. From the desktop, click the icon labeled This PC if you are a Windows 8 user or Computer if you are Windows 7 or Vista user.

  3. View the hard disk information

    View the drive labeled Local Disk, which is also labeled the C drive. The information below the drive icon displays the amount of free hard drive space is available. It also displays the total amount of hard drive space on the computer. If you right-click the drive icon and select Properties, you can view additional information about the drive.