How do you check ESN numbers for cell phones?


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To check electronic serial numbers for a cell phone, go to Swappa.com, enter the IMEI or MEID of the phone in the given field, and click on the Check button. Swappa.com allows users to check 30 ESN numbers for free.

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To find the IMEI of your Android or iOS phone, go to Settings and click on About Phone. Some phones have the IMEI on its back cover, and on few phones you can find this by removing the back cover.

An ESN is an electronic serial number used to identify a specific code division multiple access, or CDMA phone. A CDMA cell phone does not use subscriber identity modules to identify and authenticate subscribers to the network. You cannot activate a cell phone with a bad ESN on its manufacturing carrier due to several reasons. This can be due to the fact that the original owner was dissatisfied with the carrier and switched carriers, or had a billing dispute with the carrier and canceled service without paying the early termination fee, or he got behind on the bill. The ESN can also be bad if the cell phone was reported stolen or lost, or if the phone is still active on the previous owner's wireless carrier account.

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