How Do You Check Your Device's IMEI Status?

Check your phone's IMEI status on your carrier's website, or enter your IMEI number on the IMEI information website to check your device's status. You only need an Internet-ready computer or a phone with Wi-Fi access or a data plan to get started.

  1. Open a Web browser

    Open the Web browser on your computer or mobile device, and navigate to the IMEI information website. Wait for the website to load. The IMEI site provides a way to check your IMEI status and view other information about your device.

  2. Find your IMEI number

    Open the dialer on your phone, and enter "*#06#" in the number field. After entering the final number, a pop-up box reveals your IMEI number. Write the number down on a piece of paper.

  3. Enter your IMEI number

    Type the IMEI code in the appropriate number field on the IMEI information website. The code must consist of only numbers for the status checker to work.

  4. Check the IMEI status

    After typing the IMEI number, click the blue Check button. Wait for the website to reveal your device's information. Review and copy the information onto a piece of paper for future use. After the process is complete, close the phone or computer browser.