How Do You Check Your BSNL Broadband Usage?

How Do You Check Your BSNL Broadband Usage?

As a BSNL Broadband customer, you can use the company's online self-care portal to check your monthly broadband data usage. It provides you with regular information on the amount of data you have consumed and how much is remaining within the current billing period. You must register to use the portal, providing a user name, password and customer ID.

  1. Check the broadband data usage through BSNL online portal

    You must first register at the BSNL self-care portal and follow the registration process. If you are a new user, you must provide your customer ID, which is the same customer ID from your telephone bill, user ID and password. The instructions for this are given at the top of the page, and the process is largely self-explanatory. Once the registration process is complete, you are advised to log on to the self-care portal.

  2. Learn how to find information on the BSNL Online Portal

    The BSNL online portal is so detailed that it provides not only broadband usage details, but additional information that includes accurate land-line customer details, bill status, change of tariff plans, online payment of bills, the unbilled broadband usage, customer profile updates, making complaints online and changing broadband plans.

  3. Get help with questions

    Should you face any difficulties with the BSNL online portal, call the company's toll-free number for answers to questions or problems.