What Is the Cheapest Verizon Family Plan?


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Verizon's cheapest plan includes 1 gigabyte of shared data and unlimited talk and text starting at $30 per month plus $20 for each smart-phone line on the plan. Verizon no longer offers a family plan; instead, it offers pricing options based on data usage that is shared throughout the plan.

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As of 2015, Verizon sets the cost of the shared plan according to the amount of data it offers. The other plan options are 3 gigabytes of data for $45, 6 gigabytes for $60, 12 gigabytes for $80, or 18 gigabytes for $100 per month. Data is shared between all lines on the plan, all plans include unlimited talk and text, and each plan can be upgraded at any time if the data limit is exceeded.

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