What Are Some of the Cheapest Galaxy S4 Offers?

What Are Some of the Cheapest Galaxy S4 Offers?

As of December 2015, Ting, Freedom Pop and textnow offer the most affordable Samsung Galaxy S4 purchase plans. Respectively, these plans cost $9, $10.99 and $18.99 per month. Alternatively, Ting offers a more comprehensive plan at $15 per month. All plans are stretched over 24 months.

The $9 plan by Ting, called S Monthly Plan, comes with 100 minutes of talk time but no data allowance. Under this plan, customers must pay $0.015 for every megabyte of data transfer. Spring or T-Mobile provide 4G LTE network coverage for the plan. Ting requires a $238 upfront payment.

FreedomPop's offer includes unlimited call time and texting, as well as 500 megabytes of data transfer per month. It runs on the Sprint network and does not charge for the first month. FreedomPop adds that the network handles voice calls through the data network. An upfront payment of $199 is required.

The payment plan by textnow also offers unlimited call time and texting as well as 500 megabytes of data transfer. Exceeding the 500 megabytes quota slows down the transfer rate to 2G speeds. The plan runs on the Sprint Network and offers 4G LTE coverage. The required upfront payment is $149.

The other plan by Ting, the L Monthly Plan, offers 500 minutes of talk time and also runs of 4G LTE Sprint or T-Mobile networks. The cost of data transfer is $0.023 per megabyte. The upfront payment is the same as the $9 plan: $238.