What Are Chatr Cellphone Plans?

What Are Chatr Cellphone Plans?

Chatr cellphone plans are affordable plans that include no term limits and are available to the general public in Canada. The plans include talking, texting and data rates and come in four options, ranging from local to international.

The Unlimited Local Talk plan includes local calls with no additional charges outside a monthly fee. The plan costs 20 cents per minute for out-of-area calls. This plan includes all incoming texts, though outgoing texts are charged at 20 cents per minute. This plan does not allow for international calling or texting or any data charges. Additionally, the plan charges users 25 cents per minute during voicemail retrieval.

Chatr's Unlimited Province-wide Talk plan includes all the features of the Unlimited Local Talk plan. However, it eliminates the extra per-minute charge for Provincial talk and charges for the first 100 outgoing texts. It also adds international talk.

The Unlimited Canada-wide Talk & Text plan eliminates all fees for voicemail retrieval, outgoing texts and Canada-wide talk. The Unlimited Canada-wide Talk & International Text plan is nearly identical to the regular one, but adds unlimited international texting to its monthly charges. Both plans include data rate add-ons, from 500 megabytes per month to two gigabytes per month.

All of the plans include call display, call forwarding, group calling and call waiting.