How Do You Web Chat on Yahoo?

How Do You Web Chat on Yahoo?

It is relatively simple to web chat with friends and family through Yahoo Instant Messenger, using a computer or tablet with the Yahoo Instant Messenger software and a working web camera.

  1. Turn on computer

    Begin a chat session by turning on your computer.

  2. Open Yahoo Instant Messenger

    Open Yahoo instant messaging software.

  3. Turn on webcam

    Under the Messenger option on the menu, click on My Webcam.

  4. Invite friend to view your webcam

    Click Actions. A menu will open. Click More Actions. A small pop-up window will open. Click on Invite to View My Webcam.

  5. Choose a contact

    Select the desired person in the Contacts list. If the person you want to chat with is not in your list, click Other Contact and enter that person's Yahoo ID.

  6. Wait for friend to accept the invitation

    Your friend will receive the invitation to view your webcam. A notification window will appear on your screen when your friend accepts the invitation.

  7. View friend's webcam

    Click on More Actions. Then, click on View Webcam. Your friend must accept the request.

  8. End the conversation

    You can then proceed with your conversation and talk as long as you wish. End the conversation by clicking on Conversation | Close.