What Are Some Chat Rooms That Are Safe for Kids?

What Are Some Chat Rooms That Are Safe for Kids?

Club Penguin and Marimba Chat are safe chat rooms for kids, according to Common Sense Media. These sites allow parents to monitor their children's chatting activity and control the amount of time spent online.

Club Penguin is a social media site for children aged 7 and up. Kids create a personalized penguin avatar and explore virtual worlds while interacting with other users in a strictly monitored chat window. Club Penguin's chat system includes a profanity filter.

Marimba Chat is a mobile chat app for children aged 7 through 12. Its features include profanity and geolocation filters. Marima Chat allows parents to screen friend requests and use their own smartphones to monitor their children's chat activity.

Each of the chat rooms have explicit rules of conduct. All of them are harsh on vulgar language and offensive language, but kidscom.com is the strictest, with a ranking system that gives users different privileges in the chat room, depending on their conduct. The site has words classified as "Dark Words," and using these words can lead to a demotion in rank. Kidschat.net is for older kids and is monitored by law enforcement agencies to protect the safety and prevent the exploitation of its users.

Good chat rooms for children are diligently moderated, have easily accessible ignore or block buttons, publish clear safety guidelines and provide a simple way for users to contact a moderator to report misconduct. It is also important for children to learn about Internet safety at home or at school. Above all else, parents should explicitly instruct their children not to give personal information to strangers on the Internet.