How Do You Charge a Mophie?


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Charge a Mophie juice pack battery case by connecting the product to a power source with the included USB cable. The device can be plugged into a computer or an iPhone-style wall plug power source. Charge the Mophie juice pack with the iPhone inserted, or charge them separately.

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When the iPhone or iPod is inside the Mophie juice pack, the mobile device charges first and then the Mophie product charges next. The case completes its charge cycle when all four LEDs are full and they are not blinking. Mophie products typically charge 500 times before the capacity reduces to approximately 75 percent of when the product is brand new.

Mophie juice packs are designed to provide extra hours of charge for iPhone or iPod devices. The highest-end model keeps your iPhone 6 powered for 14.5 to 16 hours beyond the phone's normal capacity. The case also protects the iPhone from damage due to drops and dings. Mophie sells four battery cases for the iPhone 6 and one for the Samsung Galaxy S6, as of April 2015. Older products supply power and protection to various iPhone 5 models.

The general idea behind Mophie products is to provide extra power to mobile devices when an outlet is unavailable. Battery cases fit snugly around each phone, and charging stands for tablet computers keep these types of mobile devices off of a table's surface when tablets charge.

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