How Do I Charge My Kindle Fire?

How Do I Charge My Kindle Fire?

Use the adapter and cord that were provided with the Kindle Fire to charge it. Plug the cord into the adapter, locate an outlet, and plug the adapter into it. If the cord is not removable from the adapter, plug in the entire unit.

  1. Attach the cord and adapter

    Later models of the Kindle Fire are sold with two separate units that make up one charger, but older versions might have a single unit. If the Kindle has a two-piece system, plug the cord into the adapter.

  2. Plug in the adapter

    Newer adapters have a feature included that hides the two plug prongs; if this is the case, remove the prongs from their crevices. Plug the adapter into a wall outlet.

  3. Look for the battery light

    Confirm that every piece of the charger is properly inserted into its designated area. A battery icon or light on the Kindle glows orange or red while charging and changes to green when the tablet is fully charged. If the Kindle Fire doesn't respond, try another outlet.