What Are the Characteristics of the Top GPS Devices for the Car?

What Are the Characteristics of the Top GPS Devices for the Car?

According to Best Buy, the characteristics of the top GPS devices for cars include text-to-speech capability, dynamic search function, lane assistance, real-time traffic alerts and adequate screen size. GPS devices for cars must provide turn-by-turn directions and attach securely to the windshield or vent. The top GPS devices also locate satellites quickly, offer additional innovative features, provide upgradeable maps and incorporate mobile phone compatibility.

As noted by Consumer Reports, screen size is an important characteristics for GPS devices. Adequate screen size ranges from 4 to 7 inches. When GPS devices have small screens, drivers often have trouble viewing directions and entering addresses.

Real-time traffic alerts are also an important feature of these devices. These alerts are useful for adjusting routes to avoid construction or other traffic-related issues. Similar to traffic alerts, lane assistance is a characteristic that suggests the best lane based on upcoming maneuvers. This feature is valuable in urban areas where multiple lanes are often used.

Text-to-speech is a valuable characteristic used for reading street names and popular locations aloud. Text-to-speech helps drivers keep their eyes on the road, which is important for safety. Text-to-speech also reduces the amount of times drivers glance at the GPS device to observe upcoming directions.

Having a dynamic search feature simplifies the input process. It allows the driver to select an address from a relevant list, rather than typing in the entire address or city. This saves time and makes it easier to operate the device while on the road.