What Are Characteristics of the Best Tablets?


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Characteristics that help determine if a tablet is one of the best available include large screen size, large storage capacity, high screen resolution, fast processor speed and long battery life. Design and quality construction are also important factors.

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As of 2015, bigger is better for screen sizes. Many of the top choices selected by PC Magazine, CNET and TechRadar boast screen sizes of 9.7 inches or more, giving users plenty of space to view their movies, read websites and enjoy applications. Screen resolution is closely tied to screen size, helping ensure high-quality images free of blur. Resolutions of 2048 by 1536 pixels are common on some of the best tablets available.

The storage capacity of the tablet is also a factor for many reviewers as it ensures the device can hold all the programs and tools a user needs. Common storage sizes for top tablets include 32 through 128 gigabytes. Processor speed largely determines how well a given tablet runs all the applications stored on it, and speeds of 1.3 GHz or more appear frequently on lists of top tablets. Battery life rounds out common factors affecting quality, and top models allow users to stream video or engage in similar activities for five or more hours between recharges.

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