What Are Characteristics of the Best Prepaid Phone Service?


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The best prepaid phone services offer a variety of prepaid plans, a diverse phone selection and a good coverage area. Reading through the terms and conditions is also an important part in choosing a quality prepaid phone service.

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There two kinds of prepaid phones: pay-as-you-go or prepaid monthly. With pay-as-you-go plans, the card is refillable at any point once the minutes are used up. The drawback to this type of plan is that the minutes may expire before all of them are used. The prepaid monthly plan allows customers to choose from a number of plans including a combination of text messaging, data and email. Some prepaid monthly plans offer unlimited packages.

Keep in mind that some pay-as-you-go plans do not offer as wide a selection of phones, while most prepaid monthly plans can be used with a wide variety of phones, including smartphones.

The range and quality of coverage varies considerably from carrier to carrier. Checking the carrier’s coverage map and reading reviews makes the choice of a carrier easier. In addition to the range of coverage, check to see if roaming fees are charged.

Some plans require that the minutes be used within a certain amount of time, from 30 to 365 days. Other plans allow minutes to roll over as long as money is added before the existing minutes expire. Unlimited plans may limit the amount of data available.

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