What Are Characteristics of the Cheapest Verizon Prepaid Phone Plans?


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The cheapest Verizon prepaid phone plan in 2015 featured 500 anytime minutes with unlimited texting. The Basic phone plan also provided the user with 500 MB of data. A smartphone plan that features unlimited talk and text is also available.

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Verizon Wireless prepaid smartphone plans feature unlimited talk and text. In 2015, only one plan is available, and it provides 1 GB of data usage. The prepaid plan requires no annual contract, but it does have an activation fee.

Verizon Wireless prepaid plans work on a variety of phones. The plans are designed to work with both new phones and used devices. Simply activate the phone before adding funds to your account. This makes prepaid plans very flexible.

Adding extra funds to your account makes it possible to add more features to your phone without changing your plan. The cheapest prepaid plans also let you purchase additional data.

Some of the reasons to choose prepaid plans over contract plans include not having to pass a credit check and affordable costs. To make up for the affordable cost of the plan, the user buys the phone before activating the service. This adds to the initial cost of a prepaid plan, whereas many contract plans offer discounted phones with a commitment.

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