What Channels Does Armstrong TV Offer?

Armstrong TV offers local, high-definition and premium channels, as stated on its official website. The channels available for viewing vary by location and according to individual subscription plans.

Armstrong TV’s local channels feature programs dedicated to the local community, schools and government. To check the programs currently running, enter your street address and ZIP code in the See What’s Available box on the home page.

Two bundles are available in high-definition channels. The first bundle, Armstrong HD, includes CNN, Fox News, Nickelodeon and other channels in high definition. The second bundle, HD Advantage, lists the NBC Sports Network and Lifetime Movie Network amongst its available channels.

The premium channel bundles available on Armstrong TV are HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz. The HBO bundle provides access to five HBO channels, and the Cinemax bundle includes eight Cinemax channels. There are five Showtime channels in the Showtime bundle and six Starz channels in the Starz bundle. All premium channel bundles include the channel in HD and access to on-demand shows.

Armstrong TV is a part of the Armstrong Group of Companies, which provides services in broadband, telephones and security, as well as real estate, food and electronics. The Armstrong Group of Companies is a family-owned business entity.