What Are Some Channels Accessible Through a Clear TV Antenna?


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Channels accessible using a Clear TV digital antenna vary based on location and include stations that broadcast their content using a transmitter. Typical content on channels accessible through a Clear TV antenna include network shows, sporting events, kid's programming, and local news and weather.

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Some factors that affect a channel's signal strength include the distance between the antenna and the transmitter, the location of the antenna, and the existence of surrounding hills, tall trees or buildings. Individuals can find out which antenna channels are available in their area by visiting AntennaWeb.org. This website allows users to enter a ZIP code to determine which transmitters are nearby. The website also suggests antenna types that are likely to give users the best reception based on their location.

To receive the best reception and the maximum number of channels with the Clear TV antenna, users should place the antenna on an exterior wall or window. Very thick walls or walls that contain large amounts of metal may hinder signals. Users may need to move the antenna several times before finding the best location. If desired, users can typically conceal the Clear TV antenna behind artwork or furniture without impacting signal strength. If users experience consistently weak or intermittent signals while using a Clear TV antenna, a Clear TV amplifier may enhance reception.

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