How Do You Change Your Wireless Network's Name or SSID?


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Changing a Wi-Fi network name on most routers requires logging into the router's web-based configuration utility and changing the settings in that utility. While specifics vary from model to model, most router configuration utilities are accessible through the Web address

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A Wi-Fi network's name is also known as its Service Set Identifier, or SSID, which is distinct from the Internet Protocol address of the router itself. Many routers default to using as their IP address, so this address is a good first option to try when attempting to log into a router's configuration utility.

Some brands of routers also have a specific alias for the configuration utility that can be used in place of the router's IP address, such as the http://routerlogin.net address common on Netgear routers. However, if the router is not using the standard value for its address, it is necessary to use the router's altered IP to log into the configuration utility.

It is advisable to use a wired connection to the router when altering a Wi-Fi network's name. When the router changes the network's SSID, current devices lose their connection and cannot access the network until the name for the network has been updated on the device.

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