How Do You Change Your Verizon Number?

To change a Verizon number, navigate to the Verizon Wireless Web page, sign into your account, and select Change Mobile Number in the drop-down menu. Only account owners and account managers are eligible for this service. The online service is free.

To begin, back up your contacts, voice mail and text messages to Verizon Cloud or Backup Assistant SM. If you have more than one phone number on your account, select the number you want to change. Enter the ZIP code of your area. Select a city and state for your new number. Choose an exchange number from the drop box. Most of the time, the last four digits are provided. Pick the date you want the change you want to take effect. Review your changes, then submit. Usually the change takes places at midnight of the day you select, claims Verizon Wireless.

The number-change process is irreversible, and the old number no longer functions after the change. Sync backup contacts, voice mail and text messages. Provide the new number to friends and family.

Alternatively, call customer service at (800) 922-0204 to change your number. However, changing your number over the phone incurs a $15 cost, as of 2015. This service can also be used by subscribers who wish to port over their numbers from different wireless carriers.