How Do You Change Users in Windows 8?


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Windows 8 accounts are located at the user icon, and tapping or clicking on the current user profile will show all other accounts on the computer so that one can be selected. This method allows a number of user accounts to be active at once, and they can be freely switched between as needed.

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There is also an alternative method to switch accounts:

  1. Locate the sign out button
  2. It is possible to log out of one account entirely and sign in with another. This method means that only one user account will be active at any one time and can be a safer option if using a work or business machine. First, locate the existing user account name in the top right corner of the screen and tap or click on it. Select sign out.

  3. Log in as a different user
  4. Once the sign out process has completed, Windows 8willrevert to a sign in screen. Enter the username and password on this screen, and log in as normal. The users will now have been changed and only the currently signed in user account will be active. That said, it is still possible to switch to another account, keeping both active, at any time using the standard method.

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