How Do You Change the Time on a Nortel T7316e?

To change the time on a Nortel T7316e, it is necessary to go into the system programming. The user should then scroll through the options until Time and Date is displayed, and change the settings.

  1. Programming
  2. The first step is to go into the phone's programming mode. To do this, press the Feature button and then press the following sequence of keys: * * 2 6 6 3 4 4. When in programming mode the keypad of the phone changes. The buttons to the right of the right display panel are the ones that are needed. The 4th button down is Show and the 5th button down is Next.
  3. Select the option
  4. When in programming mode the screen will display Terminals and Sets. Scroll through the options by pressing Next until Time and Date is displayed. Press Show.
  5. Change the settings
  6. Now change the settings by pressing the Change softkey. First change the hour then press Next to move on and change the minutes. It is possible to change the date as well when in this option. It is done using the same keys.
  7. Finish
  8. Once finished it is necessary to log out of the programming mode. Do this by pressing the RLS button. It is the button with a telephone and a down arrow.