How Do You Change a Straight Talk Phone Number?


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To change the Straight Talk phone number, contact the Straight Talk customer care service. The toll-free contact number is 1-877-430-CELL or 1-877-430-2355 as of 2015. Either utilize the automated system service or converse with the customer care representative.

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After calling the toll-free number, the automated service prompts for language selection. Press one to select English as the language. It provides a list of options for selection. First, press five as it is the option for services including technical support. The automated message again provides a list of options for caller selection depending on the particular area of support.

Press three to change the phone number as indicated by the automated message instructions. If calling from the home phone, contact 1-800-299-7784. Follow the automated message instructions. First select the language, and then press five to change the current Straight Talk phone number and obtain a new number depending on the local calling area.

The reactivation of the phone with a different ZIP code is possible only if Straight Talk offers service in the desired ZIP code. It is possible to transfer an existing telephone number from a different company to the Straight Talk phone. The existing telephone number that requires porting to the Straight Talk phone must be active with the current service provider.

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