How Do You Change the Startup Programs on a Computer?

How Do You Change the Startup Programs on a Computer?

To change the startup programs on a computer, open the MSConfig Windows tool, and enable and disable programs to your liking. You need a system with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 installed.

  1. Open MSConfig

    Click on the Start Menu button, and type "msconfig.exe" in the Search bar. Wait for the program to appear, and click on it. Bypass permission alerts that pop up to open the program.

  2. Navigate to the Startup tab, and select your desired startup programs

    In the System Configuration window, click Startup to navigate to the tab. Scroll through the list of programs, and tick the boxes next to the programs you wish to run at startup.

  3. Disable programs you do not want to run at startup

    If you do not want a program to run, untick the box, or leave the box next to the name of the program blank. Do not disable firewall and live antivirus software.

  4. Click OK, and restart your computer

    When you are finished enabling and disabling programs, click OK in the System Configuration window. To test your changes immediately, click Restart in the small window that appears to restart your computer. Click Exit without restarting to restart your computer at a later time.