How Do You Change the SSID on for a Tg862g?


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To change the service set identification, or network name, of an Arris TG862G wireless gateway on, log in to the device, delete the old network name from the Wireless Network Name, or SSID, field under the Basic Setup heading: Enter the new network name, write down the key in the Pre-Shared Key field, and then click Apply. You do not need to restart the device to make this change, notes Arris.

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To log into the TG862G, enter in the address bar of any browser on a computer connected to the gateway. The recommended method to log in from a computer uses an Ethernet cable connection to the TG862G, opposed to a wireless connection, advises Arris.

Enter your username and password, and click Login. The default username for the device is "admin," and the default password is "password." The default IP address for the TG862G is You can only log in to the gateway from an alternate address, such as, if you have created this custom address previously.

Creating a new wireless network name disconnects any devices that were connected to the TG862G's wireless network, so you must reconnect each device, advises Arris. You re-enter the network password when reconnecting the devices. You can find this key on the bottom of the TG862G.

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