How Do You Change the Signature in Outlook?


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To change your signature in Microsoft Outlook, open the Mail Format tab and select the message format for which you want to change your signature. Make the edits to your signature as well as the changes to the paragraph or font format.

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How Do You Change the Signature in Outlook?
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  1. Open the Mail Format tab

    Open Microsoft Outlook, and click the Tools menu. Select Options and then Mail Format. The Mail Format tab appears.

  2. Choose the message format

    Select a message format from the list labeled Compose in this message format. The message format you choose is associated with your email signature.

  3. Edit your email signature

    Under the Signature menu, click Signatures. If you have more than one signature, click on the signature that you want to edit, and then click Edit. Type all of the text you want to include in the Signature text box. You can also copy and paste text in from an existing email signature.

  4. Change the formatting of the signature

    Highlight the text you want to alter, and click Font or Paragraph. Select the formatting options you want to change. If you use plain text as your message format, you cannot make changes to the font or paragraph styles of your email signature.

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