How Do You Change the Settings on a LG Phone?


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To change the settings on your phone, read the manual that accompanied the phone at purchase or find an instruction manual online based on the phone's model. The exact way to change the settings of each LG phone differs depending on the type and features.

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Despite LG phones looking and being operated differently, they do share some similarities. All LG phones have similar default icons for their devices. The Apps icon will direct you to a list of all of the applications that have been downloaded onto your phone. This list also includes the apps that were installed on your phone prior to purchase.

In many instances, it is possible to find the settings folder from this screen, but its exact location can differ based on several factors. There are two types of settings for LG phones. The first one is simply called Settings, which allows you to change all of the primary settings on your phone. The other is known as Google settings, which allows you to manage your apps and Google products used on your LG phone.

For various types of LG phones, some settings can be accessed from the home screen, such as brightness, sound and Wi-Fi connectivity. To find out how to access all aspects of your LG phone specifically, it is important to consult the manual that is associated with it.

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