How Do You Change the Security Code on an LG Phone?


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Navigate to the main menu of the cell phone and select the Settings and Tools option, then locate and select the Phone Settings option. Next, locate and select the Security option from the menu. Input the phone's current four-digit security code when prompted, then navigate to the Change Code option. If the phone has not previously had its security code changed, the default code is 0000. Enter the new security code and re-enter the new code when prompted.

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All LG phones, regardless of whether they are touch screens or standard keys, can all have their security codes changed by using approximately this same method.

Implementing security codes on mobile devices provides an added level of security for the phone owner's information. However, there are also downsides to activating a security code. If the code is forgotten, the owner may need to complete a master reset in order to regain access to the phone. This could potentially result in data loss.

To protect against inadvertently locking themselves out of their phones, some LG phone owners elect to use the last four digits of their phone number as the four-digit code. However, this reduces some of the effectiveness of the security measure.

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