How Do You Change the Secret Question in Hotmail?

In order to change the security question on a Hotmail account, you must access the Account Details section while logged in to your email account. You are then prompted for your password and given the options to change the question to another pre-approved choice.

  1. Log in to the account

    Log in to the Hotmail account and look for the Options tab in the upper left corner. Click the tab and select More Options.

  2. Select Account Details from the menu

    Selecting More Options opens a Managing Your Account page. The first link available says Account Details (which includes passwords, aliases and time zone). Click the first link available.

  3. Select the Change option

    The option to change the security question appears in the Password Reset Information section of the page. It uses a small, gray font and is on the right side of the Question field.

  4. Verify the current password

    As a security measure, Hotmail asks you to verify the password. Enter the password in the field before changing the Question and Answer fields below.

  5. Save the new settings

    Once the password is filled in and the Question and Answer fields contain new information, save the changes. Click the small Save button.