How Do You Change Your Relationship Status on Facebook?


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To change your relationship status on Facebook, log into your account and click the "Update Info" button on your timeline, and then select the "Family and Relationships" section. Choose your relationship status from the list options and save your changes to make the updated information visible to your friends.

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  1. Click the "Update Info" button on your timeline

    When logged into your Facebook account, click the "Update Info" button located at the top of your timeline.

  2. Select the "Family and Relationships" section

    When you are on the page which allows you to edit your "About" section, select the section labeled "Family and Relationships" from the list of options located on the left side of the page. Click the "Edit" button located on the right side of the "Relationship" section.

  3. Choose your relationship status

    Choose your new relationship status from the list of options on the drop-down menu. In some instances, you have the option to add the name of the person you are in a relationship with, and you can edit the anniversary date.

  4. Save the changes

    Use the audience selector to choose who you want to be able to see your relationship status. Click the "Save Changes" button, and your relationship status appears to those with whom you have chosen to share the information.

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