How Do You Change Your Profile Picture on Facebook?

To change your profile picture on Facebook, sign into your Facebook account, hover your mouse to the upper right corner of the existing profile picture, click Change Picture, then choose the new picture to upload. This process takes approximately five minutes.

  1. Locate the Change Picture button

    To find the Change Picture button, move your mouse over the top right corner of the existing profile picture. When the Change Picture button pops up, click on it to open a drop down menu. The menu asks you to take a new picture with your webcam, select a new picture from your existing albums on Facebook, edit or remove the current picture,or upload a new one.

  2. Select the new picture to upload

    From the provided options, choose your preferred profile picture to upload. It is also possible to use a tagged photo. To choose a tagged photo, locate it in the album and click on it to open.

  3. Upload the new profile picture

    After finding your preferred profile picture in the existing albums, click Make Profile Picture to use it. If you want to upload a photo from your device, click Upload Photo to open a dialog box. Select the new photo from its location in the open dialog box, and click Open to upload it.