How Do You Change Your Profile Name on Google+?

How Do You Change Your Profile Name on Google+?

Change a Google+ profile name using an Android phone by opening the Google+ app, clicking on your profile picture on the top left corner, clicking on the menu icon that appears and choosing the edit name option. Afterward, choose your preferred name and save the changes.

Alternatively, change the profile name on a Google+ account using a computer or an iPhone or iPad Google+ app.

To change the profile name using a computer, open Google+, select the profile option from the drop down menu located on the upper left corner, click on the name and enter the new name. Save the changes by clicking on the Save option in the lower right corner of your browser.

To change your Google+ name using an iPhone or iPad app, open the Google+ app, tap the existing Google+ name on the top of your screen, touch the Settings icon on the upper left corner and select the Edit Name option, enter your preferred name and save.

You cannot change your Google+ profile name using a mobile browser, as of 2015. Also, you can only change your Google+ after you have used your account for three months. It is a requirement to use both last and first name on your Google+ account; however, initials are allowed.