How Do You Change the Port for a Remote Desktop?

How Do You Change the Port for a Remote Desktop?

To change the port for Remote Desktop, first gather the IP address and the port for the computer to which you wish to connect. Open the Remote Desktop settings or the Registry Editor, and input the new port information. Save the settings, and restart your computer to complete the process.

  1. Open the Remote Desktop settings

    In Windows XP, choose Accessories from the Start menu. Select Remote Desktop from the Communications tab.

  2. Change the port

    In Windows XP, find the Computer field. Type the IP address of the target computer. Add a colon directly after the IP address, and place the new port directly after the colon. Click the Connect button. For other systems, choose Modify from the Edit menu, and choose Decimal. Type in the new port, and click on the OK button.

  3. Restart your computer

    Close the Remote Desktop manager or the Registry editor. Restart your computer, and wait for it to boot up completely. Open Remote Desktop, and launch a connection with the new computer. Verify that the system is working smoothly to ensure that the new port is establishing a solid connection.