How Do You Change Your Phone Number With Verizon?

To change a phone number with Verizon, sign into an online Verizon account, and choose the option to change the number in the My Verizon section of the website. Once on that page, select the option to get a new number.

Only the account manager or owner can change the mobile number for a Verizon account. After signing into the website, choose the mobile number to change, and then select the option to get a new number. Enter a ZIP code for the local area or the city and state for the new number by browsing the drop-down menu. Choose the area code and exchange number; Verizon automatically assigns the last four digits depending on what is available.

After clicking to the next page, select the date for the changes to occur. If choosing the current day, or if the date chosen occurs before the first day of the next billing cycle, Verizon prorates the bill, and the number change occurs at midnight Eastern time on the chosen day. Before submitting, review the changes, and then click the Submit button. View the confirmation page, which has additional information on the phone number change, and the process of changing the phone number is complete.