How Do You Change Your Phone Number?


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To change your telephone number, contact your telephone company online or over the telephone and request a number change. The exact process and amount of any applicable fees varies between companies.

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AT&T numbers can be changed online as long as the number remains in the same area code. For area code changes, call AT&T and speak to a customer service representative. Live chat support representatives and corporate-owned retail store employees can also process phone number changes that require new area codes. Changing an AT&T number incurs a fee regardless of the reason and erases all voice mail messages and greetings.

To change a Verizon number, log onto Verizon's website. Its site is capable of processing all number changes, including those with new area codes. Verizon waives the number change fee when the change is processed online. Calling Verizon and changing a number with a live representative incurs a fee regardless of the reason for the number change.

Changing a Verizon number erases all voice mail messages. Prevent this by syncing voice mail messages to one of Verizon's provided backup tools before changing your telephone number. Verizon Cloud and Backup Assistant Plus are both capable of syncing voice mails and restoring them after the number change.

Change a T-Mobile number by calling T-Mobile customer service. Like AT&T, T-Mobile charges a number change fee and erases all voice mail messages as part of the number change. T-Mobile waives the number change fee for customers on Pay in Advance plans, but all other customers must pay the fee.

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