How Do You Change the NAT Type to Open on a Belkin Router?

In order to change the NAT type to open on a router, port forwarding has to be properly set up with the hardware that is being used. Belkin routers have a firewall built into the system that needs to be properly bypassed in order for many consumers to use their online capabilities, which can include gaming or video streaming.

Port forwarding is a process that allows the user to set up an exception for the Belkin firewall. Once it is properly configured the hardware in question will be able to use its online services.

  1. Open a Internet browser
  2. Open up an internet browser and enter into the address bar. This is the router's default address.

  3. Login
  4. The login button is located at the top right of the menu bar. Login to the router using the administrative password information.

  5. Click on the Virtual Servers tab
  6. The Virtual Servers tab is located on the left side of the menu screen.

  7. Configure the options
  8. First select the Enable check-box, then enter the description of the application. In the Inbound port field enter the correct port number for the hardware. Select the type of ports that will be in use and enter the manufacturer port numbers in the Private Ports field.

  9. Apply changes
  10. Once done click apply changes to save the options entered.