How Do You Change the Language in Google?

How Do You Change the Language in Google?

The language used by Google can be changed by going to the "Account Settings" page. If the cache or cookies are cleared on the browser, the language will need to reset, as it will revert back to the default language. If the language does not change after refreshing the browser, clear the cache and cookies, and try the process again.

  1. Go to the "Account Settings" page

    This page can be accessed to clicking on the profile picture and selecting "Account." It can also be accessed by going to On the "Account Settings" page, there is a tab labeled "Language." Clicking this tab allows the user to change the language settings.

  2. Change the language settings

    On the "Language" page, there is a drop-down box labeled "Language." Change this to the language that is desired. From this page, the user may also select various dialects associated with their chosen language. For example, if the primary language is English, the user may choose between American English and British English.

  3. Refresh the browser

    Once the language has been changed, the browser needs to be refreshed in order for the changes to take effect. This is accomplished by closing all browser windows and then reopening the browser.