How Do You Change Your Homepage in Firefox?

How Do You Change Your Homepage in Firefox?

Change your default home page in Firefox using the options in the Preferences section. You can also drag and drop an open tab onto the Home icon; this allows you to change the home page without using the Preferences section. You need an Internet-ready computer with Firefox installed.

  1. Open Firefox

    Log in to your computer user account, and right-click the Firefox icon. Click Open. Alternatively, double-click the Firefox icon to launch the browser. Wait for Firefox to load.

  2. Update Firefox

    Click the menu button in the upper-right corner of Firefox. Click the Help icon, and select About Firefox. Wait for Firefox to search for an updated version if available, and once it updates, restart Firefox.

  3. Navigate to your preferred website

    Once Firefox loads, navigate to the webpage you would like to use as your new home page, and wait for the website to load.

  4. Change your default home page

    Click and hold the tab once the webpage loads. Drag and drop the tab onto the Home icon next to the Firefox URL bar. If you do not see the Home icon, click the menu button, and select Customize. Next, drag the Home icon onto the URL bar, and close the customization window.