How Do You Change Your Homepage?

How Do You Change Your Homepage?

As of 2014, the ability to change a browser's homepage is located in the Options menu of the browser. By opening the menu and typing in the URL for the homepage, you instruct the browser to boot with that page loaded each time.

  1. Locate the Options menu of your browser

    In both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, the Options submenu is located under the Tools menu. Internet Explorer lists it as Internet Options. Click Tools at the top of the page or press Alt + T on the keyboard. Then, click Options.

  2. Move to the General tab

    In most cases, this should be selected already unless you were doing something else previously. After opening the General Options tab at the far left of both IE and Firefox's menus, click the Home Page.text field.

  3. Type or paste the URL you want to use for a home page

    You don't usually have to include the "http://www" prefix, but you can. Ensure that you've typed or pasted the correct URL without any missing letters; if you missed anything, the page cannot load. After doing this, save your changes by clicking Apply in Internet Explorer and OK in Firefox. The browser should open in the new homepage.