How Do You Change the Homepage in Chrome?

How Do You Change the Homepage in Chrome?

To change the homepage in Google Chrome, navigate to the Settings menu. Under the section titled "On startup," select the third option to "Open a specific page or set of pages." Click the "Set pages" link next to this option, and type in the URL of the new homepage.

  1. Open Settings

    The Settings menu can be accessed either by clicking a button with three horizontal lines by the address bar or by selecting it from a drop-down menu on the menu bar. The window opens in a new tab and should automatically display the correct menu. If it does not, select Settings from the left-hand menu under Chrome.

  2. Change the startup options

    The "On startup" section is the second category, located directly beneath the "Sign-in" options. It has three options: to open a blank page, to open the last page and to open a certain page. Select whichever option is appropriate.

  3. Change the homepage to a specific page

    Google Chrome allows users to open a certain page automatically every time the browser starts. Clicking the link to "Set pages" opens a small window. Enter the URL of the page desired, then click OK. Chrome also has the option to open multiple windows on startup.