How Do You Change Your Home Page in Internet Explorer 8?


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To change your homepage in Internet Explorer 8, go to the General tab under Internet Options, then choose the desired new homepage. Click on OK to save the settings. This process takes just a few minutes.

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  1. Open Internet Explorer 8

    Open a window in Internet Explorer 8. If you already know which webpage you want to set as your homepage, go to that webpage upon opening the Internet Explorer window.

  2. Find the General tab

    Go to the Tools menu to find and click on Internet Options. The Tools menu is located in the upper right of the Internet Explorer toolbar and is represented by a cog icon. Click Tools to open the drop-down menu. Internet Options is at the bottom of the menu.

  3. Set the new homepage

    Once the Internet Options dialog box is open, choose which setting you prefer for your new homepage. If your window is currently displaying the webpage you want to use as your new homepage, click Use Current. Choose Use Blank if you want to set a blank webpage as the new homepage, or click Use Default to use the default homepage that comes with Internet Explorer 8. Click OK when you have finished making your selection to apply the new settings.

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