How Do You Change the Design of Your Mouse Pointer?


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Change the design of your mouse pointer from the Mouse settings in the Control Panel for Windows computers. Whereas Windows allows the full customization of the cursor, only the size of it is adjustable in Mac OS X systems. Mac users need third-party applications, such as iCursor, to change the design.

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To change the mouse cursor on a Windows computer, click the Start button then click Control Panel. Type Mouse on the search box at the top right, wait for the Control Panel to find Mouse and then click it. Navigate to the Pointers tab. You can either change all cursors at once by selecting another theme from the drop-down menu or an individual cursor by selecting a cursor and clicking Browse. Once you've changed the design of the cursor, click Apply to see how it looks or OK to save the new settings.

To change the size of the cursor in Mac OS X, click the Apple icon on the menu bar at the top and select System Preferences. Click Accessibility, then Display. Adjust the Cursor Size slider to change the size of the cursor. When you change the size, all cursor types change simultaneously.

Alternatively, you can use iCursor to alter the way your mouse cursor looks. Once installed, the application appears on the tray menu at the top. It appears as a small cursor icon. Click the icon, and select a new cursor to change the design.

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