How Do You Change a Default Search Engine?

How Do You Change a Default Search Engine?

To change the default search engine in Google Chrome, navigate to the browser’s settings window, and access the option that lets you manage search engines. Type in the name, keyword and address of the search engine you wish to use, and click on the Make Default button.

  1. Navigate to the Google Chrome settings window

    Click on the Start button, and select the All Programs option. Click on the Google Chrome folder, and select the browser. Click on the Menu button that is represented by three horizontal bars, and select the Settings option.

  2. Access the search engine manager

    Scroll down to the Search section, and click on the Manage Search Engine button. In the Search section, choose one of the three primary search engines as default, Google, Yahoo or Bing, by accessing the drop-down menu and selecting the one you want. If you want to use a different search engine, proceed to the search engine manager.

  3. Change the default search engine

    In the Other Search Engines section, scroll down to the bottom until you reach three empty fields. Type in the name of the engine, the keyword you want to associate with it and the engine’s Web address in the appropriate fields, and press Enter. Hover over the newly created entry with your mouse pointer, click on the Make Default button that appears on the right side of the entry, and click on Done.