How Do You Change Your Default Download Folder?


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Change your default download folder in the options menu of your web browser, which is accessible in different ways depending on the browser. Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are the three most popular browsers but have similar procedures to change the default download location.

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To change the folder in Internet Explorer, press the Alt key to bring up the menu bar if necessary. Then, click Tools and choose "View Downloads". Click the Options link in the lower-left section of the window, and click the Browse button. From here, you can choose your default download folder. The Windows 10 browser, Microsoft Edge, does not include an option to change download location.

In Firefox, click Tools, then Options. Next, click the Browse button next to the download section to choose your default location for files.

In Google Chrome, open the Settings menu by typing "chrome://settings". Alternatively, you can click the top-right button and scroll down to the Settings option. Next, click Show Advanced Settings, scroll to Downloads and choose your file location. If you use the checkbox, you can choose where to save individual files rather than have everything go to the same folder, which can be useful for multimedia files.

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