How to You Change Your Login?

To change your login information, visit your school's login page, and click on the Forgot Your Password or Forgot Username/Password link. Type your email address into the box, and follow the prompts to submit the request. Check your email for the password-reset email, click on the link, and follow the instructions to change your password. only allows password changes; to change your username, speak to your school's system administrator.

Some schools use a single sign-on system rather than an individual Classworks login page. Under this system, your school network login grants you access to the local server as well as the Classworks resources. If this is the case in your district, speak to your system administrator. The administrator has the power to change your username and password.

The support team at can help you identify the administrator. For help, visit, and click on the Support link. Click on the Visit Our Support Site button, and choose Contact Us from the navigation menu. Click on the Email Us link to send an email request for the administrator's name. Alternatively, call the support phone number for immediate assistance. The support team at is not able to change passwords for users.