How Do You Change a Cartridge?


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To change an ink cartridge, determine the brand and model number of the printer to purchase suitable ink cartridges, remove the old cartridges, remove the ink dispenser protector, and insert the cartridges properly. Avoid leakage by shaking the cartridges before removing the bag.

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Let the cartridges slide out by turning on the printer, opening the lid enclosing the cartridges and pressing the Ink button, if applicable. Wait for the print head to move automatically, and avoid pulling it out. Write down the cartridge number and type. Check the manual of the printer for brand and model number information if it's hard to find the model number.

After buying new cartridges, slowly remove the old ones by gripping them and pulling them away. Avoid removing cartridges if replacements are not yet on hand, as an empty print head may dry out and malfunction. Some cartridges are refillable at ink refiller stores.

After shaking the new cartridges and removing the ink dispenser protector, place the cartridges carefully into the printer in a reverse manner compared to the removal process. Add a bit of pressure to secure the cartridges in place. Finally, print a page to ensure the cartridges are properly installed, and reconfigure printer heads accordingly. Choose the cleaning option for printer heads or set them into proper alignment if streaks or lines appear on the test page.

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