What Are Some Cellphones for the Visually Impaired?


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Cellphones for the blind and visually impaired are the Snapfon ezTWO, the Big Button BM-01, the Apple iPhone and Android-based phones, as of 2015. The Snapfon ezTWO and the Big Button Mobile Phone are ideal for visually impaired seniors who prefer uncomplicated phones with minimal features.

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The ezTWO has a talking keypad with large buttons, enhanced sound and an exclusive SOS button for emergency dialing. The BM-01 features large keys, an emergency button and a magnify key that can enlarge text messages.

The Apple iPhone has built-in features that assist the visually impaired such as the audio assistant Siri that responds to voice commands; scanning apps that can scan barcodes and read the product aloud to the user, as well as read paper currency; and GPS technology that can tell one's exact location.

Some of the assistive built-in features that Android-based phones have include a text-to-speech engine and screen reader, as well as resources such as TalkBack, BrailleBack and EyesFree. Downloadable third-party apps allow the visually impaired user to make phone calls, text, email and browse the net using voice commands.

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