Are Cellphones Sold in Dollar Stores?

cellphones-sold-dollar-stores Credit: Raygun/Cultura/Getty Images

As of 2015, consumers can purchase cellphones with prepaid minutes for less than $20 at particular locations at some dollar stores such as Dollar General. Prepaid mobile phones are also available at Family Dollar.

Dollar General primarily sells the cell phone brands Tracfone and Net10 as of 2015. This dollar store sells five models of the Tracfone. Customers can purchase a flip phone such as the LG 221C or purchase the Huawei Glory smartphone that uses the Android operating system. The Net10 cell phones have a wider option of selection, but most of these phones use the Android operating systems. Buyers of the Net10 can purchase a variety of brands such as LG, Samsung, and Motorola.

Family Dollar sells prepaid cell phones such as the Tracfone LG440 Flip Phone and the Verizon LG Optimus. Both Dollar General and Family Dollar sell prepaid cards for the phones.