What Cellphones Have the Best Ratings?

According to LaptopMag.com, the overall best smartphone of 2015 is the Apple iPhone6. However, the iPhone 6 comes second to the HTC One M8 in TechRadar's best smartphones list. Other top phones include the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus, reports CNET.

The best Android phone of 2015 according to LaptoMag.com is the Motorola Moto X, which received an editor's rating of four out of possible five stars. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 received the same editor's rating and was named the best big-screen phone, while the three-star-rated Moto E, second generation, was declared the best cheap smartphone.

As of April 2015, the Samsung Galaxy S6 stands at the top of TechRadar's list. The phone uses the Android operating system with a 5.1-inch screen and 1440 pixel resolution. TechRadar praises the Samsung Galaxy S6 for its high-quality camera, video and audio. The Apple iPhone 6 is ranked number two by TechRadar, praising the user-friendly iOS 8. The HTC One M9 holds the third spot, described as more expensive but similar to the nearly-perfect 2014 model.